Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Breaking Habits on Giving Tuesday

            “Giving Tuesday” is finally here and it brings to mind a sermon from the pastor at my parent’s church.  He said that we are creatures of habit.  Unfortunately, sometimes we get into the habit of ignoring people in need.  As my daughter’s friend’s mom said during a trip to the city, “Don’t make eye contact.” 
As a society we’ve gotten into the habit of looking the other way.  When there are two entrances to a store and one has a Salvation Army bell ringer, we tend to choose the other door.  When charity comes up on the caller I.D. we don’t answer the phone—guilty as charged.
            Today on "Giving Tuesday," let’s break the old habits.  Let’s throw the change in our pockets into the red bucket.  Let’s answer the phone and at least give the person on the other side an answer.  If we can’t afford it this year, there’s no shame.  Be honest.  But always remember, even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way. 

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