Anyone Who Wants To Volunteer Take One Step Forward!

          I hope with the title you have visions of everyone standing in a line taking a step backwards except one poor guy, who realizes too late that he is a volunteer. I always found that gag to be amusing especially when I was in the military where I learned that you never volunteer for anything. But, I'm a civilian now and I have found that volunteering isn't so bad. In fact, when you pick the right thing, it's a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. If you have a story of a wonderful volunteer experience that you encountered and would like to share, please email it to sowaseednow@gmail.comI would love to share it on this blog. For now, here's a recent volunteer experience of mine.
Books Full of Memories
           I never realized how many memories a book could hold until my youngest daughter and I volunteered to help out at Bernie’s Book Bank.We were put on sticker duty; a task that was easily mastered by my five year old.Memory after memory flooded in as I placed a “Bernie’s Book Bank” sticker on each book and passed them to the packers.
As we worked that evening, my daughter and I found books that we had read together.I showed her a few books that I remembered reading to her big sister.Some books crossed the sixteen year gap between my girls, each book giving me two separate but fond memories.

There were other volunteers working with us and memories were shared about books we had read.No matter how our backgrounds differed, we found a common ground in the books. Thanks to Bernie’s Book Bank and their volunteers, those books will go on to create more memories for more children and their parents.

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