Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pajama Party

                The temperature is dropping.  It’s time to pull out the comfy jammies.  I love the fleece pants!
When my daughter was a toddler the “Good Night Show” on Nickelodeon used to have Pajama drives.  I imagine they still do.  Recently I received an email from Scholastic Book Clubs which offered, “You Donate Pajamas, We’ll Match with Books.”  They have easy instructions on their website to get your child’s classroom involved.  Donations ultimately go to the “Pajama Program.”   The “Pajama Program” website also has easy instructions on how to hold a pajama and/or book drive to support their program which gets new pajamas and books into the hands of children in need.

                So, in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, why not have a Pajama Party?  Invite your friends and family over for a video and ask them to bring a new set of pajamas.  Or the weekend before, allow your kids to have a pajama party on the condition that their friends bring pajamas.  Then when you lose sleep, you will know it’s for a good cause!  

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