Monday, November 25, 2013

Stop Threatening Me With Santa

                Tis the season to use Santa to get our kids to listen and behave.  You know the drill.  “You had better stop hitting your brother or Santa won’t bring you anything for Christmas.”  We’re all guilty of it or at least we have most likely had it used on us at some point in our lives.  But, I propose this.  Let’s use Santa to encourage our kids to do good.
                Maybe your child worked on a mission type project this year such as collecting canned goods for the food pantry or volunteering somewhere.  Wouldn’t it be cool if Santa wrote him/her a thank you card, letting him/her know that his/her good deed was noticed, that he is very proud of him/her for doing it and maybe suggesting something else that he/she might do? 
For example, my daughter and I are still trying to collect 5000 books for Bernie’s Book Bank.  We started this summer and are at about 1600 books right now.  Santa might tell her the importance of having books, thanking her for what she has collected so far and encouraging her to continue the collections to try to complete her goal by the end of next year.

                It will only take a minute to draft a letter from Santa and your child will be encouraged to go out there and continue being the good kid you know he/she is.

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