Saturday, November 9, 2013

Do You Want to Play a Game?

                My first idea to bring to the table for “Giving Tuesday” actually came to me as I was browsing their site.  A gaming company in England is holding “Gaming Tuesday” where you sign up to play video games and you sponsor one of the charities that they partner with.  I tried to get more information, but my surfing skills are limited and I wiped out when looking for how to sign up and choose your charity.  But, it sparked a thought. 
                Hold a game night through your organization, or just family and friends.  Pick a charity and have an “entrance fee” that would go to that charity.  Then have a great night with friends and family while knowing that you helped others.  To get the brain in gear, here are some suggestions for charities to benefit from your game night.
                If you wish to keep the game night theme, you could ask people to bring a game or toy with them to donate to “Toys for Tots.” 

Entrance fee can be food items to go to the food pantry.  Scarves, hats mittens and gloves would be a fee that would help others keep warm this winter.  A box of diapers or formula could help out a struggling mom.  Or you could choose something from Heifer International by either asking people to buy a share (most things go for around $10/share) or you could collect $5 per person and ten people could give a gift of a healthy home.  The possibilities are endless.   

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