Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Returns

            Ahh, the day after Christmas.  The only day that rivals Black Friday with the amount of people heading to the malls.  Of course today is the day that the stores get their merchandise back because it just wasn’t what the recipient wanted for Christmas.  With this in mind, I would like to speak about returns in a good light.

            I was watching a news show on television one day this summer and the show did a piece on a gentleman in California who drives around the highways and helps stranded motorists.  Most of them just need some gas or a tire changed.  He hands them a card and refuses to take any gratuity.  The card encourages them to help others as well.  One day, the Good Samaritan found himself stranded.  A motorist pulled up behind him to help out.  When the Good Samaritan thanked the motorist he was surprised to hear the response, “Thank you for helping my wife out when she was stranded.”  Now this is a return you can be proud of.

            So, while you’re standing in line at the returns counter, think of the people who have helped you out in some way.  Can you help them out?  Can you return the good deed? 


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