Monday, September 17, 2012

Cool nights, warm blankets

The nights are cooling off and it’s time to pull out the afghan blankets and winter covers.  I still have the afghan blanket handcrafted by my grandmother.  It was a present for my sixteenth birthday and has been with me through good times and bad.  It was there for me through bouts of the flu and strep throat.  It traveled with me to every station that I was assigned to while I served in the United States Air Force.  It saw the births of my two daughters and will some day belong to one of them.  Twenty nine years have passed and it’s still going strong, keeping me warm and bring me comfort.

Simply put, afghan blankets are comforting.  It can be easy to bring that comfort to those in need.  Michael’s craft store has a “Warm Up America,” drive where crafters drop off 7 inch by 9 inch squares using basic knitting or crocheting patterns.  Michael’s has volunteers who put the squares together to make an afghan blanket which is then distributed to those in need.  You don’t have to crochet or knit for Michael’s.  You can make the afghan blankets yourself and drop them off at a shelter.  You can start a group of friends to crochet or knit with you.  It doesn’t have to stop here.  The possibilities are endless.  Water the seed I just planted and see what comes up.  

Have a wonderful day…Denise

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