Wednesday, September 12, 2012


            There is a rock/paperweight on my desk with the following saying on it, “I wondered why somebody didn’t do something…then I realized that I am somebody.”  I have no idea when I got the rock.  I believe it was an art project in Junior High.  Now, in my forties, I’m finally realizing the true meaning behind it.  It’s easy to see a need for something to be done, but more difficult to realize that we have the power to do it.  That is what this blog is about. 

            This blog will take a look at things done by ordinary people that helped others.  Some posts you may read and shrug about.  Others you may say, “Hey, I can do that.”  Still others you might tell a friend about who would take that ball from you and run.  Whatever the path the seed of my posts takes, my hope is that it finds somewhere that it can grow and spread. 

            If you have a seed that you want to plant, please email me at sowaseednow at gmail dot com.

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