Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sleep Overs at the Shelter?

            Play dates and sleep-overs are things that children look forward to.  They get to hang out at their friend’s house, stay up all night, and eat junk food, play lots of games, and laugh and giggle the night (or afternoon) away.  But what if you don’t have a home to invite your friends to?  When we think of homeless, we think of the guy on the street corner asking for change.  But in reality, there are many children out there who are homeless.  What can we do to help them?

            One option is to help out in places such as Home of the Sparrow, an organization which supports homeless women and children.  There are many volunteer opportunities to find on their website www.hosparrow.org.   You can volunteer to work in their thrift shops.  You can volunteer as a childcare volunteer in the shelter-an opportunity to play games, do crafts, and just have fun with the children.  If you like to read, you can volunteer to be a book buddy and read to a child once a week. 

            Another worthwhile website to check out is www.homelesschildrenamerica.org.  The site gives a list of ideas on ways in which you can help these children and their families.    If you join their mailing list, they will send you information on events and opportunities in your area to help.

            Homelessness not only isolates the people that we ignore as we walk down the street, it isolates the children who are affected too.  Let’s try to end it. 

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