Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Stuck Inside in January

            Happy New Year.  It’s time to start thinking about how to make this a great year.  I’ve been thinking about January; a month that is considered to be a lonely time.  There are no more family get-togethers after today.  Tomorrow everyone will return to their normal lives. 

            It’s depressing for those who have to go back to work, but at least they have their co-workers to talk to.  There are those in our lives who return to the company of day time television.  Sure, the soaps are interesting, but they lack the personal contact that everyone needs.  In the part of the U.S. that I hail from, people who are shut-in are further isolated by weather.  Snow and ice make it difficult for some to get out.  Friends and family would rather visit on a warmer day.  

            This month let’s think about those friends and family that we know who are unable to get out.  A letter, phone call or even email could brighten their day.  If you feel so inclined, a flower of some sort would cheer up even the darkest room. 

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