Monday, April 22, 2013

Building Communities Through Charity

                I recently attended a baby shower that our church put on to support a charity.  It was wonderful to see those who intended enjoying coffee, cake, punch and great conversation.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Everyone had a chance to open a gift and “ooh” and “ahh” the gift.  The generosity of our parishioners amazes me, but the boon of the baby shower was how the parishioners came together as a community.  Charity does not have to be writing a check and forgetting about it.  Charity can be so much more.
                Whether it is your family, church, work, or the community you live in, when people get together for an event such as this, there is a bonus.  When you do something good together, you become closer.  You are working together for a goal which you believe in.  It’s hard to put in words, but trust me, if you try it, you will want to find more opportunities to have fun while helping others.  In my posts, I’ve given two examples, Dodge ball for Diapers and the Baby Shower.  What creative things can you come up with?  As always, if you would like to share your ideas, please email me at

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