Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Walking Season

                April marks the beginning of the “Walk” season as I like to call it.  Walks for charity begin now.  One that I have been known to participate in is the “March for Babies,” mostly because both of my daughters were preemie.  My first daughter was only five weeks early, but by going through that experience I was prepared mentally for my second daughter who was twelve weeks early.  I was blessed that both of my girls were born healthy and strong.  But, I know the pain of waiting and hoping and not feeling completely sure until you get the green light to go home.  I know the roller coaster of emotions that one goes through in that situation. 
                Most people who walk for a cause have in some way been affected by the cause they walk for.  When they attend the walk, they have a chance to be around people who know their pain, who don’t just idly nod their heads and say that they understand.  These people really understand because they were there.  They got the phone call in the middle of the night telling them their infant had to go through a procedure immediately.   They held their relative when they received the news that their body was riddled with cancer.  Those that walk, know. 
                So, when your friend or colleague asks you to donate to their cause, think about this.  Yes, your money is going to a cause, and the majority of it is probably going to overhead, but by donating you are telling your friend/colleague that you support them.  Although you can’t completely understand what they are going through or have gone through, you are there for them.  I believe with my whole heart that this is the main purpose of walking and supporting walkers and I hope this sheds some light on the subject for you.  

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