Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time to Plan Your Garden

                As spring rolls around, gardeners are planning their crops.  We always plant beans because they have a good return and they put Nitrogen back in the soil.  Of course there are the tomatoes and peppers.  My daughter loves peas and will eat them straight off the vine.  Every year, we try carrots, beets and potatoes, but our root vegetables don’t do very well.  The cabbage family on the other hand does great.  Fall will be spent making stuffed cabbages to freeze.  My husband likes summer squash, but we don’t usually plant them because they are too bountiful and don’t freeze well; at least not that I know of.  
There are a lot of crops that turn out more than the average gardener can handle.  Their coworkers run and hide when they see them come in with a bag full of cucumbers.  You can only eat so many of them.  But instead of not planting certain vegetables out of respect for your friends, here is something to consider.  Plant what you like and give the extras to the food pantry.  Fresh vegetables are always welcome and you will be giving to people who will appreciate the fruits of your labor. 

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