Monday, March 18, 2013

March is National Nutrition Month

                March is “National Nutrition Month.”  I didn’t know this fact until I was searching for things to write about this month.  With that in mind, I purchased a magazine from my grocery store that has recipes for Whole-Meal Salads.  I’m trying very hard to eat right, but bad stuff tastes so good.  Anyway, I digress.  I was intrigued with the statement on the front of the magazine that stated, “Proceeds from purchases of this magazine will go to Common Threads.”
                I flipped through the magazine looking for an explanation.  I had never heard of Common Threads before and wondered what the organization did.  I assumed it was a charity if the proceeds were going to them.  After a fruitless search through the magazine, I decided to search the internet.  There I found that Common Threads is an organization that teaches kids how to cook healthy.  Their main outreach is to the under served communities.  I believe it’s a worthwhile effort and if you would like more information, please visit their website at     

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