Monday, March 4, 2013

Girl Scouts-They Aren't Just About Cookies

                A Girl Scout troop was formed recently at my daughter’s school.  She was very excited about joining, but disappointed that she had to wait until next year before she would be able to sell cookies (the troop started after the cookie sales were finished).  I found it amusing that the impetus for her to join Girl Scouts was to sell cookies.    
                Their first meeting was last week.  The troop is made up of Kindergarteners, so they are “Daisies.”  At their meeting they found out how they would earn patches.  Each patch is a petal of the daisy and each represents a part of the Girl Scout law.  In the meeting, the troop leader told the girls that they would be earning their light green patch for “be considerate and caring.”  They would earn this patch by putting together an Easter basket for a financially burdened family in our community.   The township registered the troop for a girl their age.  At the next meeting each Daisy is to bring an item or two with them to put into the basket.  I’m looking forward to seeing the final product and I’m excited to know that Girls Scouts aren't just about cookies.  

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