Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter Baskets of Joy

                Easter comes early this year.  So, here’s a craft that’s easy to do and is sure to brighten up someone’s day.  Make a bunch and bring them to a nursing home or hospital to spread some joy.
                To start, you will need two 8 ½ x 11 sheets of card stock in complementary colors (i.e. pink and lavender).  Cut one sheet down to make an 8 ½ square sheet.  Cut 2 ¾ inch squares out of each corner.  (see figure below)

With the second color cut strips measuring 1” x 3”.  Use wavy craft scissors to cut along one of the 3” lengths.  Glue the wavy strips onto the ends of the cross created with the first color. 

Fold up ends to create a basket.  Punch two holes in each end and tie up ends together using either ribbon or raffia.  Punch one hole in the middle of two opposite ends.  Attach ribbon or raffia to both holes to create a handle and decorate sides.  Stuff with Easter grass and put either decorated eggs or treats in the basket. (see below for finished product).

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