Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some March Madness

                This weekend, I was flipping through the channels on the television and landed on a college basketball game.  I prefer college basketball to professional.  My friends would most likely say it’s because I’m from Cleveland and well, we’ve had some moments, but usually fell short.  Regardless, colleges are jockeying for position, hoping to be a part of the NCAA tournament.  This reminded me of a story that I read and would like to relay to you.

                There is a church group that uses the tournament to raise funds for a charity.  Those who fill out their brackets, pay a fee, just like a normal office pool.  But, the money collected does not go to the winner.  It goes to a charity.  The winner receives a donated prize.  I thought this was a cool idea. 
               The story that I read can be found via the following link

                I loved this story because I believe that charity should be fun.  So, go out, have some fun and maybe a little madness…March madness that is.

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