Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dodging Diapers

                Dodgeball.  It’s a game that is either loved or hated, depending on your skills at evading and aiming.  Personally, I loved the game when I was a youth.  Not only did I have a great arm, but I could catch the ball pretty good too.  I always looked forward to gym class in the hopes that the activity would be dodgeball. 

                My love for the game is probably the reason an article in the newspaper caught my eye while I was visiting my father in law.  The title of the article was "Dodgeball for Diapers."  According to the article, the Catholic schools in the area had a Dodgeball Tournament.  The price of admission was a pack of diapers.  The schools also had internal contests to collect diapers.  All of the diapers raised were donated to a local organization serving underprivileged families. 

                I love this story because I believe that charity should be fun.  These schools found a creative and entertaining way of collecting donations.  And for one day, everyone loved Dodgeball, even the less skilled because it was being played for a good cause. 

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