Monday, February 18, 2013

Giving Up Chocolate for Lent

                When I was a kid, every lent I would try to give up chocolate.  I emphasize the word, “try.”  Usually it only lasted a week or two, but sometimes I made it to Easter and spent the day in chocolate ecstasy.  As an adult, I know that’s not the point of giving something up.  In fact, in an article I read recently, the author stated that we should use the money saved by our self-sacrifice to give to the poor.   Hmmm…  That’s a lot of chocolate to keep track of. 

                When I read the article, it reminded me of another article that I read a couple of years ago.  A family started to do something similar.  If they were going to go out to eat, but decided to stay in, they would put the money saved into a charity jar.  Renting a movie instead of going to the movies put a lot of change into the jar.  Making a pizza instead of ordering out was cost efficient and a boon to their chosen charity.  It’s a simple way to help others that shows us how self-sacrifice can be turned into something positive. 

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