Friday, February 8, 2013

The Heart of a Child

                My daughter cried last night when I told her that we couldn’t visit her grandpa this weekend.  In my defense, she has a fever and a sore throat.  She is mostly upset because we spent a week making flowers out of tissue paper to bring with us.  She was looking forward to handing them out to the residents of the assisted living where her grandfather stays.  It was going to be an early Valentines present.  Making these flowers is easy for a child to do and so is making people smile. 

                I like the fact that children can effortlessly make someone smile.   Children know that even the smallest things matter.  Ironically, we are the ones that taught them this lesson.  This month, let’s follow our hearts instead of our brains. Let’s give with the ease of children and remember that no act is too small.  Even a tissue paper flower will brighten someone’s day. 

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